Most asked questions

What if the dress doesn ‘t fit ?
The dress size should fit you if the correct measurements were given.

Do I need a dress for an event (wedding, reception, ball, etc.)?
How many days in advance and how to book?

I am from another city/country. What are the rental conditions ?
Refund. What if the dress does not suit for photo shoot?Or the shooting was canceled.

What kind of dress will I get?
Ready to shoot. Clean and folded in a case and a bag.

How to return the dress?
For DMV area, we will agree on a time and place. There is no need to clean, wash and iron the dress in any case. Please do not try to fold the dress back into the case. Carefully fold the dress and put it in a bag.

The cost of the reservation is not refunded. Please make sure that you have made the right choice. Contact us for any questions.

If your shooting did not take place due to rain, we will simply transfer the reservation to another date available at the time of the new booking.

Contact us and describe the time and place in detail.

Many dresses exist in a single copy, so make the reservation as soon as you decide on the shooting date, the earlier the better. contact us if you are in doubt about the size and we will make sure that the necessary outfit suits you and is available for rent. Pay , and you’re done.

Dresses with full skirts and multi—layers skirts are created exclusively for photo shoots. Contact us to discuss non-standard situations.