How to book for DMV
* Each dress exists in a single copy, so make a reservation as soon as you know the shooting date, the earlier the better. Contact us or fill out the application to reserve your dress. We will fit your dress to your size and make sure it is available for you to rent on your desired date. Pay for your reservation and you’re done!

* If the shooting is in DMV area , then you will be able to pick up your order at Springfield Tower the night before the shooting. The pick up time is set in advance for your convenience.
* If you would like your dress to be delivered at your address , we can send you the order by courier service at your expense.
* for orders outside the DMV area, please fill out the booking application.


1. Add all the desired products for rent to your cart. The price of the product and the corresponding refundable deposit for dry cleaning will be generated automatically.
2. Select your block of 3 days in the calendar. THE FIRST DAY is the day by which you want to receive your order. THE LAST DAY is the date when you agree to send the item back to Royal Story Dressed. Your booking will automatically add extra time on the front and back of these dates for delivery.
3. Proceed to checkout. Double check the dates and any relevant information, read and sign the contract. You will receive a copy of the contract you signed by email when the transaction is completed.
4. Your rental order will include free shipping TO you. YOU will have to pay for a 2-day delivery back to Royal Story Dresses. The items must be shipped via USPS with 2 days priority mail or via UPS or FedEx with 2 days delivery service. Do not send with ground shipping please.

Useful tips
* In order to avoid misunderstandings with the size, tell us your exact measurements — height, chest girth, abdomen and arm girth
* Wear a nude bodysuit for a see-through dress. White or black may be too visible.
* Shoes: wear high heels only for the shooting time and walk around in ballet flats not to damage the skirt.
* First put on a corset, and then a skirt.
* When walking, please pick up the skirt so it doesn’t drag on the floor. Hold the skirt in you in your hands, or let the assistants to carry it. If possible, take the skit off when not shooting so it doesn’t get damaged while you move or walk.
* After shooting, put the dress back in the bag separately from the cover. Do not try to put it in a case, especially if the dress is wet.

Reminder for clients :
* The cost of renting a dress is indicated for 1 adult dress for use at a photo shoot for 1 person. The reservation is placed on the dress for the whole day.
* Most of the dressing do not require fitting/ alterations as they are made to fit your size.
Multiple sizes are available XS, S, M, L, XL+ and will fit you perfectly for a maternal photo shoot as well. Please let us know your measurements to better assist your with sizing.
* Children’s dresses to match family or mother-daughter photo shoot are available for any ages (50 to 150 cm).
* For your convenience the order can be picked up the night before. Delivery is also available.
* You get a clean and ready-to-wear dress in a special case and a bag.
* Dry cleaning and minor repairs are included in the rental price.
* You can return it immediately after the photo shoot or the next day.
* The deposit issues are discussed individually after filling out the booking application.

Additional services for the DMV area
A stylist is available at the shooting / fitting
Cost: $150 (up to 2 hours + $50 for each addition hour)
* The stylist will help you quickly put on / take off the dress — especially important for a family photo shoot, or when you plan to shoot in several dresses;
* when shooting, the stylist will carefully adjust the skirt to make sure it looks beautiful in the picture.
* By ordering this service, you save your time and money since the stylist will assist you with the dress and posing.

Gift certificates
* We will individually prepare a gift box with the certificates for you for any amount.

Photo projects, photo days, collaborations and partners in the DMV area and outside the DMV area
* We cooperate with photographers and regularly participate in photo days and photo projects. Write us if you are interested in collaboration or participation in such events.
* We are always looking forward to new cooperation. Contact us to discuss conditions and opportunities at any locations.

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